Tiny Tots

Children ages 3-5 may participate in Beginner Ballet where these little ones learn invaluable social skills, a sense of discipline, and how to control their bodies in motion where ballet basics are taught while using props and learning introductory routines.

Combo Dance

Dancers will enjoy this interactive class that builds on basic movements learned for ages 4-6 Ballet/Tap/Jazz combination class but is still appropriate for first-time dancers. Jazz class includes an introduction to proper warm-ups and stretches for the body combined with across-the-floor progressions and mini combinations. The Tap portion of the class will concentrate on building confidence through mastering more difficult patterns and steps. The Ballet portion of class includes an introduction to the ballet barre and learning more challenging steps.


The Dance Studio’s Ballet method follows a structured sequence of training stages intended to increase student’s technical skills, stamina and discipline in accordance with their age and physical development. We work hard to emphasize correct placement in order to prevent injury. Our curriculum embraces traditional ballet principles and incorporates elements of the Italian and Russian training systems.
Pointe: A special program designed for advanced ballet students who learn ballet techniques associated with body alignment, feet placement, and body strength while also learning how to dance graciously on the tips of fully extended feet. This class is offered to students ages 13+ by teacher approval.


Everyone love to make noise and they can have fun doing so while learning the fundamentals of rhythm and musicality in our energetic tap classes.  Tap is an invigorating form of dance in which dancers create rhythmic patterns and beats with their feet.  It is great cardiovascular exercise and enjoyable at all ages


Jazz dance has always been developed and performed with the popular music of the day. It originated along side the invent of jazz music. Our instructors will teach technique and encourage dancers to go beyond the steps, students will learn to bring strength, personality, pop, and pizazz to their performance!


“Acro” is dance style that combines classical dance technique with precise acrobatic elements. Acro dance is featured in productions like Cirque de Soleil and in various shows on Broadway.  Our Acro classes aim to teach students to become capable in both dance and acrobatic skills. Students will build their capacities for physical strength, endurance, and flexibility.  All students will be encouraged to demonstrate excellent body awareness and posture as well as learn how to move their bodies safely.

Hip Hop

This program is a high-energy dance experience that is fun for dancers of all ages! TDS’s hip hop teachers cover the newest hip hop and street moves including popping, locking, and L.A.-style hip hop.


Combines the beauty and grace of ballet and the style and strength of classical jazz. Music is soft and flowing. Balance, extension, and control are developed. We recommend this class to dancers with experience in Ballet.

Leaps and Turns

This is a technique class designed to assist students in focusing on the leaps, jumps and turns that dancers perform in Ballet, Jazz and Hip Hop. This specialized class is a way to better your technique when executing basic leaps, center leaps, turns, and fouetté.


Adult Ballet helps improve strength, posture, flexibility and balance.  Participants will build on their classical ballet vocabulary and work to coordinate “port de bras” (movement of the arms and head) with movements of the legs and feet. This class begins at the barre where students work on the foundations of ballet technique.  The barre is followed by centre work where participants work on simple turns and traveling sequences to develop grace and musicality.


Performance Team

Must be enrolled in the weekly Performance Company class.
Must be invited by a teacher or staff member, or set up an audition with Performance Company Teachers.
Will participate in 5+ performances in the Windsor/Essex community, as well as TDS Holiday Show, and TDS Recital.

Prep Team

Must be enrolled in the weekly Prep Team class.
Will participate in 3 performances in the Windsor/Essex community, as well as TDS Holiday Show, and TDS Recital.
This class is designed to prepare students for TDS Performance Company.